Warren picks Bloomberg apart over sexual harassment at his company

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren took on former Mayor Michael Bloomberg over his past use of non-disclosure agreements at his powerful media company at Wednesday night’s debate in Las Vegas.
  • Standing next to Bloomberg, Warren latched on to a direct line of questioning to pin the billionaire down. 
  • “Some is how many?” Warren asked Bloomberg on the extent of his use of NDAs in cases where women employees alleged sexual harassment and assault.
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Sen. Elizabeth Warren picked apart former Mayor Michael Bloomberg over his use of non-disclosure agreements at Wednesday night’s debate in Las Vegas. 

Bloomberg used the agreements — commonly known as NDAs — in his business to resolve cases of sexual harassment in the workplace, drawing criticism from former employees over creating a toxic environment.

When Bloomberg tried to explain away his use of the practice in response to a question from NBC’s Hallie Jackson, Warren took the questioning directly to her rival standing next to her. 


Audible groans came through the microphones in the room as Warren continued to drill down on Bloomberg. 

The exchange came in the first hour of the debate, not long after Warren came out of the gate calling out Bloomberg over his past comments on women

Bloomberg’s response only dug him a deeper hole, saying he had “very few non-disclosure agreements,” and asserting he was not accused of any wrongdoing “other than maybe they didn’t like a joke I told” — eliciting the first of what would be many groans from the crowd as the night progressed.

Before the moderators moved on to the next subject, Warren managed to squeeze in one final dig. 

“I hope you heard what his defense was,” she said. “‘I’ve been nice to some women.'”

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