The new Microsoft Surface Duo is ready to preorder — here’s where

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TL;DR: As of Aug. 13, you can preorder the new Microsoft Surface Duo through the Microsoft Store, Best Buy, and AT&T starting at $1,399.99.

The Microsoft Surface Duo is waiting in the wings.

Initially announced at the company’s hardware event last fall, the dual-screen device marking Microsoft’s first foray into the smartphone realm since the Windows Phone (may it rest in peace) is officially set to be released on Thursday, Sept. 10. 

Unlike similar devices with “foldable” displays (see: Samsung’s brand new Galaxy Z Fold2), the Surface Duo doesn’t bend in half. Instead, it’s made up of two separate 5.6-inch screens connected by a rotatable, 360-degree hinge that you can use together or separately in either portrait or landscape mode. (Think of it kind of like a mini 2-in-1 laptop, but with touchscreens on both sides instead of a physical keyboard.)

Spec-wise, the device runs on Android 10; features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, an 11MP adaptive camera, a dual 3,577mAh battery, and Surface Pen compatibility; and comes in two configurations: 128GB or 256GB of storage (which retail for $1,399.99 and $1,499.99, respectively). You can read the Mashable tech team’s initial take on that lineup here.

Microsoft's Surface Duo is coming soon — here's where you can preorder one

Preorders for the Surface Duo are live as of Aug. 12, and from what we’ve seen, no one’s offering much in terms of discounts or freebies on reserved units… yet. We’ll keep a close eye out in case that changes as its release date inches closer, but in the meantime, here’s where you can place your preorder:

It’s not technically a sale or anything, but it *is* worth mentioning that you can get up to $700 cash back with a qualified trade-in if you preorder the Surface Duo directly from Microsoft. (Click here to learn more.) The device will come unlocked, which means you can use it with just about any major U.S. cell phone provider, though there’s an option to add a free AT&T SIM card to your order if needed.

Best Buy’s Surface Duos also come unlocked, and yours can be covered under a Geek Squad Protection plan starting at $10.99 a month if you so choose.

If you go through AT&T for a Surface Duo, just know that you’re “locked” to that network (as opposed to buying an unlocked device, which can be used with any carrier).

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