Stephen Colbert’s perfect coronavirus pep talk for Americans stuck at home

Americans are going stir crazy cooped up at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, particularly nobody knows when it might end. Studio production for the Late Show also remains shut down indefinitely. Still, host Stephen Colbert remains optimistic, relaying a message of hope and resilience from his home on Monday.

“I have a simple message for all of you: America, you got this,” said Colbert. “You have been training for this moment your whole lives. Every cancelled plan, every 2 a.m. Netfix binge, every GrubHub order from the restaurant across the street. It was for this. We’re Americans. There’s nothing we do better than not doing things.”

The coronavirus pandemic is horrific and can’t end soon enough. However, Colbert also noted that all the humans staying at home has turned this into a “golden age for pets” — including his own Boykin Spaniel Benny. “We have a lot in common now,” quipped Colbert. “We both eat our food out of cans and we’re both learning to stay.”

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