Startups that make electric toothbrushes, toothpaste, aligners, & floss

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Hello Products

Hello Products

  • Oral care is an important part of your overall health. Improper care can lead to irreversible emotional, physical, and financial consequences. 
  • There are quite a few startups out there that want to help you take care of your teeth before they reach the point of no return. 
  • Brands such as Quip (toothbrushes), Candid (aligners), and Twice (toothpaste) will get you excited to brush, straighten, and whiten your teeth, without overcharging you. 

From prescription medication and eyewear to daily multivitamins and hair-loss treatments, consumer startups are tackling every aspect of your personal health. That includes oral hygiene — how you care for your teeth and gums. 

In addition to emotional and physical consequences, there are financial consequences to practicing poor oral care. Compared to other health care services, dental care presents the highest cost barriers to the US population.

Oral care startups hope to keep you one step ahead of these barriers by getting you excited to brush your teeth or floss regularly. While a new electric toothbrush or toothpaste won’t be able to solve a cavity you already have, good habits like brushing twice a day with an effective toothbrush and flossing regularly are smart preventative measures to keep you out of the dentist’s chair beyond your regular check-ups. 

New oral care brands are also tackling cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and teeth straightening, which are often prohibitively expensive and inconvenient. By lowering costs and making at-home solutions, they give customers further reason to smile a little wider. 

The following 11 online startups make toothbrushes, toothpaste, aligners, and other oral care accessories to help you take care of your teeth and smile: 

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