Netflix adds new Top 10 feature to service for Movies and TV picks

Congrats to these two on being the fifth most-watched Netflix movie as we publish this!

Image: Netflix / Bettina Strauss

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We still don’t have viewership numbers for most Netflix content, but the streamer just added a Top 10 feature to highlight its most popular shows and films based on location.

The new feature was announced Monday in a Netflix blog post and went live in the following days. The homepage shows an overall Top 10 of what’s popular throughout the site, while the TV and Movie tabs have their own respective lists.

a top 10 list screenshot for Netflix

a top 10 list screenshot for Netflix

Image: proma khosla / Mashable

On the homepage, users will still see specific recommended titles, but this time they’ll have a label indicating if they fall in the Top 10. They’ll also have a Top 10 badge if you search them elsewhere on the site.

To All The Boys Netflix screenshot

To All The Boys Netflix screenshot


Per the press release, Netflix will update the lists every day, and their position on any given page will depend on how relevant the titles are to each user.

It’s unclear what metrics Netflix is using to designate any given top 10 — how many people are currently streaming, how many complete views, list adds, clicks, etc. — but it’s more insight than users have ever had into what trends and how on this platform.

Plus, it gives you a good jumping off point for your next binge. 

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