Here’s why BTS fans are flooding Twitter with tiny 7s

You may have noticed many Twitter users with a superscript 7 (⁷) in their usernames multiplying at an alarming rate. Fortunately, the explanation for the sudden proliferation of the number isn’t anything sinister. Like the purple heart emoji before it, the small sevens are a subtle symbol of support for Kpop group BTS.

BTS have taken over the globe, enthralling an Army of devoted fans with their catchy music, entertaining stages, and playful personalities. Now the “Boy with Luv” and “Black Swan” singers are conquering Twitter, many fans adding a small seven to their usernames to boldly declare their love for the group.

The number seven has special significance to BTS, whose upcoming album is called Map of the Soul: 7. Speaking on the Zach Sang Show earlier this year, leader RM noted that the group had seven members and has been together for seven years so far. “Also, seven means very good luck, right? Like jackpot.”

The tiny sevens further help Army identify each other, which can be particularly helpful in clearing up misunderstandings caused by ardent fans using hyperbole to express their affection.

Army aren’t the first Kpop fans to add tiny numbers to their Twitter usernames, following in the footsteps of NCTzens. Supporters of NCT subgroup NCT 127 have been displaying tiny 127s in their usernames since 2018, though the trend caught on with BTS fans this year.

Ordinary fans aren’t the only ones getting in on it either. Both PAPER Magazine and singer Mason Ramsey have added sevens to their Twitter usernames, while DJ Swivel has gone the extra mile to add seven of them. 

The Late Late Show with James Corden also temporarily sported a small seven during a BTS-themed profile makeover, and The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon used it to tease the announcement of a special BTS episode.

Image: @papermagazine via twitter

Here's why BTS fans are flooding Twitter with tiny 7s

Image: @masonramsey via twitter

Here's why BTS fans are flooding Twitter with tiny 7s

Image: @djSwivel via Twitter

Due for release on Feb. 21, BTS’s highly anticipated new album Map of the Soul: 7 has already been preordered over 3.42 million times. Map of the Soul: 7 isn’t even out yet, but it’s already making a strong bid for the title of 2020’s best-selling album.

When BTS saw the breadth of their domain, they wept for there were no more worlds to conquer.

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