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Galaxy S11 May Feature Laser Autofocus

Galaxy S11 May Feature Laser Autofocus

Samsung next flagship, Galaxy S11 could be unveiled in February. It’s never too late or early for a Samsung Galaxy leak as we know it will have few renders and fulfill common expectations s we are kind of prepared for what’s coming up next; there will be a subtle change to new camera system for the Galaxy coming next.

It’s easy to ignore this fact but more serious photographers pay more attention to the autofocus  system than the pixels of the camera. These gadgets use the technology that helps focus more accurately on the subjects that you intend to capture. Samsung has traditionally used Phase Detection Autofocus system or PDAF in their phones that simply compares two objects from different angles and calculate if the object is in the front or at the back.

If we look at some of the recent 3D renders of Galaxy S11, we can find the presence of a laser-assisted autofocus system or Laser AF on the bottom of right grid of camera array. You can find this in both the Galaxy S11 and Galaxy S11e. Although the more affordable variant has one camera more.

Laser AF isn’t exactly new and LG was one of the first to use the technology in the 2014 LG G3. Ironically, LG itself dropped the technology in favor of PDAF due to certain limitations of a Laser AF system. That includes the inability to cope with objects at a distance as well as the added hardware needed to support it.

LG is the pioneer of AF technology as they used this technology back in 2014 in the LG G3 so Samsung is not new to use this technology. Due to certain limitations LG dropped the technology in favor of  PDAF. This includes the incompetence to handle objects at a distance as well as the added hardware needed to support it.

Having said all that, it should be noted that it is mere conjecture based on information that is unofficial but it will definitely open up the chances of some unknown sensor, 3D Time-of-Flight camera. There are chances that Samsung may use both Laser AF and PDAF in the end.

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