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Developing Our Youth With Confidence, Commitment and Continuity

Hall of fame softball coach Sue Enquist discusses why parents and coaches are the most influential group in developing a student-athlete’s confidence and joy of competition.

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On this episode of The Playbook, founder of ONE Softball and Hall of Fame Softball Coach Sue Enquist shares her thoughts on:

  • The importance of having a road map to success and how her parents empowered her with discipline and empathy [2:43].
  • Why she interviewed 20,000 families in order to understand and help solve the “pain points” of youth sports [7:16].
  • Why athletes tend to put pressure on themselves and how coaches and parents can help relieve those pressures [11:04].
  • How transformative coaching is changing the way that coaches and athletes interact on a day-to-day basis [19:50].

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