Comforting meals we’re cooking at home during the coronavirus pandemic

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  • As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re spending more time at home. For the cooks and bakers of Insider Reviews, that time is concentrated in our kitchens, where we’re making new recipes and falling back on old favorites. 
  • We’re making hearty dinners, melt-in-your-mouth pastries, and everything in between and showing you the best kitchen tools to make them (hint: Dutch ovens feature prominently). 
  • We hope our pictures and recipe recommendations can give you some inspiration as you get well-acquainted with your stove and oven. 

There’s a special feeling of satisfaction that comes with making your own food. Maybe it’s the knowledge that if you follow the authoritative steps of a recipe, you’ll probably end up with an appetizing dish. Or if you prefer to play the process by ear (and taste), it’s the creative and experimental liberties you can take with any type of food and cuisine. Either way, for many of us, cooking is as much about the process as it is about the final product. 

During the coronavirus situation, many of us, like you, are indoors abiding by social distancing and stay-at-home rules. We’re doing what we can to make the best of this stressful period in our lives, from keeping busy with productive activities to taking the time to take care of ourselves.

Cooking and baking are a couple of pastimes that help you do both — after you chop, knead, stir, and simmer away, there’s a tangible and delicious result to satiate you, and then there’s also the undeniable comfort of digging into a saucy pasta dish or warm, melty cookie. 

Many of us at Insider Reviews have been cooking and baking more at home, and we want to share our recipes and creations with you. We’ll show you how we make these entrees, desserts, and pastries, and we’ll also highlight for you the essential products that helped make them shine. 

My biggest takeaway? Get a Dutch oven. Dutch ovens feature prominently as the must-have piece of cookware for many of our resident home cooks, and as you’ll see, they can be used in many different ways. If the enthusiasm below is any indication, you won’t regret the investment. 

Join Insider Reviews in cooking and baking these 15 delicious recipes: 

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