Best cases for Amazon Kindle, Paperwhite, and Oasis

  • Amazon Kindles are lightweight and portable e-readers designed to go anywhere you go, but they are also fragile and prone to damage.  
  • A good case can protect your Amazon Kindle, and they don’t have to break the bank. 
  • Because Kindles come in different shapes and sizes, make sure you choose the right case for the Kindle you own.

Amazon’s popular Kindle e-readers are lightweight and easy to carry around, but they are also prone to damage if you’re not careful. Whether you’re reading a best-selling novel by the pool or you tend to throw your tech around, putting a Kindle into a protective case is the obvious solution. But, the number of cases available, in a variety of styles and price points, can feel seemingly endless.

After researching all the popular cases for Kindles — from both Amazon and third-party makers — we narrowed down our recommendations to three great options. All cases are folio-style in that they have a hard-shell backing, with the front opening like a book cover, They don’t add additional significant weight and provide a Kindle with protection, and even include useful features like auto on/off. We also have two honorable mentions that are worth considering.

For this guide we focused on cases for the current 10th-generation of Kindles: Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Oasis. Whatever case you decide on, make sure it is compatible with your particular Kindle, as Kindle shapes and sizes vary from model to model, and year to year (most of these recommended cases will not fit models from previous generations, despite sharing the same name). In each of our recommendations, we note which Kindle the case is available for; in some instances, we may only recommend a case for a specific Kindle.

Here are the best Kindle cases:

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