AirPods Price: How much every AirPods model costs

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  • Apple’s AirPods are a great option for buyers who want a reliable pair of wireless earbuds — especially if you plan to use them with other Apple products.
  • The lineup currently includes the AirPods with charging case for $139.00 (originally $159.00), the AirPods with wireless charging case for $169.00 (originally $199.00), and the AirPods Pro for $249.99.
  • All three options offer dependable all-around performance, but the more expensive AirPods Pro include noise cancellation and an adaptive equalizer (EQ).
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New wireless earbuds are popping up every day from a variety of manufacturers, but few are as popular as Apple AirPods. Freed from pesky wires, Apple’s handy in-ear headphones feature Bluetooth connectivity for easy pairing to a variety of devices, along with charging cases so you can keep them powered on the go. 

Some models are geared more toward audio performance, while others emphasize comfort, style, and ease of use. Apple’s wireless earbuds offer enjoyable all-around performance, unique styling, and some convenient control options, which all make them a popular choice for buyers. 

This is especially true if you plan on pairing them with an Apple device. Though AirPods do work with just about any Bluetooth audio device, you will miss out on some features, like Siri and customizable double tap controls, when using them with a non-Apple product.  

The AirPods lineup currently features two primary models — the AirPods and AirPods Pro. The standard AirPods currently cost $139.00 (originally $159.00) with a charging case, and there’s also a $169.00 (originally $199.00) option that comes with a wireless charging case. The flagship AirPods Pro model, meanwhile, carries a $249.99 price tag, though you do get some key extra features for that higher cost, namely noise cancellation. 

At three different price points, there’s an AirPods model suited for a variety of budgets. Below, we’ve detailed all of the current AirPods models available now, so you can choose the right Apple earbuds for your needs. 

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